New service delivers help with resources exploration, mining queries

Rural Business Support will offer a new service across South Australia in 2020-21 – free, factual and impartial information for landowners, farmers and community members who have queries on resources exploration and mining.

The new Landowner Information Service is an initiative of the SA Government, delivered by Rural Business Support and supported by organisations in the primary production and resources sectors.

The service is a 12-month pilot and will provide easy-to-understand information to individuals or businesses affected by activities conducted by resource companies. Its focus is to help landowners and community members make informed decisions through access to information about their options, rights and responsibilities.

CEO Brett Smith said RBS was engaged to operate the service because of its trusted track record in offering free, independent and confidential services to primary producers and small business owners in rural areas.

“We understand that, for some landowners and community members, it can be an anxious and uncertain time when trying to navigate the resources exploration and mining process for the first time,” Mr Smith said.

“So, we will be working with them to help them understand what the technical information means and how to liaise with companies seeking land access.

“RBS works impartially with all parties in delivering this service, ensuring landowners are informed and have access to the information they need at the right time. The service is not authorised to provide legal, commercial, compensatory or financial advice and does not advocate for landowners, which is consistent with our other programs.

“It really is about helping people to understand the process by explaining it in easy-to-understand terms and being available to answer questions on topics like land access, consultation stages and regulation. If people have very specific queries about the Mining Act or legislative or regulatory requirements, RBS will know who to refer to for specific advice.”

RBS has appointed Brett Klau to the position of Landowner Information Service Officer. Mr Klau will be working across SA to deliver the service, either face to face, on the landowner’s property, at one of RBS’ regional offices or at a mutually agreed convenient location.

He has significant history and experience in regional SA, and interests and skills that span both the agricultural and mining industries. He has spent 30 years in liaison roles with companies focused on grain, fertiliser and insurance and his background in engineering means he is well placed to understand and communicate technical detail.

Landowners, farmers and community members can register their interest to access the service by contacting RBS on 1800 836 211 or tap here for more information.


For media interviews: Brett Smith, Chief Executive Officer, 0412 630 015