Rural Business Support (RBS) is a leading not-for-profit provider of agribusiness services and independent support for farmers and small business owners in rural areas who are concerned about their financial future. Our free programs and services can assist and inspire rural business people to be resilient in the face of change, risks and challenges.

Rural Financial Counselling Service

Our key purpose is to deliver the Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) in SA and NT. We provide free, independent and confidential support to eligible farmers and rural-related business owners who are concerned about their financial future.

Small Business Financial Counselling

A new Small Business Financial Counselling program is now available through Rural Business Support in SA and NT to help eligible small business owners who are concerned about the financial impact of drought, or bushfire and COVD-19.

Landowner Information Service

The Landowner Information Service is a free, factual and impartial information service for landowners, farmers and community members who have queries on resources exploration, mining and quarrying.

Farm Business Management Programs

Our proactive programs are developed and delivered in partnership with federal and state governments, industry groups and other agencies to assist the development of a sustainable primary industry sector and resilient rural communities.

Agricultural Support Services

To further assist farmers in making informed decisions across SA and NT, Rural Business Support provides communications support and administrative services for the Agricultural Bureau of SA and project support to Dairy SA through the Dairy Farm Monitor program.

Links to Other Assistance

Find links here to government grants and payments and other industry support that your business may be eligible for. Need to talk to someone about mental health? Find details for those contacts here too, including the farmer developed

RBS delivers the Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) in South Australia and the Northern Territory. One of 12 service providers nationally and a member of RFCS Network, RFCS is for families and individuals involved in farming, fishing and small agriculture-related businesses that are experiencing financial distress. We also deliver a Small Business Financial Counselling program, an extension of the RFCS model of support to eligible small business owners impacted by drought, bushfire or the COVID-19 pandemic.

We offer a range of proactive programs and services that can help to equip farmers and rural-related business owners with financial literacy skills and strategic awareness to make timely decisions and build long-term business resilience.

Responding to adverse events such as fire, drought and flood is another key part of what we do and who we are. With staff who live and work in the affected areas, we offer experienced and empathic support for those that have been affected by such events, helping eligible rural business owners to work through the decisions and actions needed to recover and to be better prepared for similar challenges in the future.

For more information and appointments with us, please call 1800 836 211.

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