Rural Business Support is a not for profit organisation providing agribusiness services and independent support for farmers and rural-related business owners who are concerned about their financial future. We are funded by the Australian Government and the Governments of South Australia and the Northern Territory. The RBS Board has high levels of governance, including maintaining Board diversity and ongoing Board performance review.

Rural Business Support is an Incorporated Association registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) as a Public Benevolent Institution. Our rules of association may be viewed on the ACNC’s Charities Register.

Our Vision

A competitive, profitable and resilient primary industry sector.

Our Purpose

Rural Business Support provides benevolent assistance, confidential services and independent support that alleviates distress and enables clients to prepare for business risks and be resilient in managing business challenges.

Our Strategic Plan

Read more about our vision for competitive, profitable and resilient rural communities in our Strategy 2025.

Code of Conduct

Rural Business Support’s Board, Executive Officer and employees all operate under a Code of Conduct (in conjunction with our policies and procedures manual). The Code of Conduct provides guidance and rules for appropriate conduct in the performance of our duties. This embodies the commitment to act honestly and exercise a high degree of care and diligence in the discharge of our responsibilities, and to undertake activities in a manner which ensures public confidence in the administration of our services.

Our Policies

To ensure the protection, inclusion and satisfaction of our clients, employees, stakeholders and community, our Board have adopted and work within a suite of policies to provide appropriate controls, commitments, treatment, responses and guiding principles of operation.

Our policies cover financial and risk management, diversity and equality, compliance, fraud prevention and control, integrity, employment, as well as work health safety and wellbeing.

For information on how Rural Business Support manages feedback from our clients, stakeholder and staff, please tap here.