Darren Longbottom

Business Financial Counsellor

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T: 1800 836 211

Darren is a well-known member of the Mid North community having lived on the family farm at Spalding for the majority of his lifetime as well as his work as an accountant in Clare since the late 1980s.

In joining the RBS team in 2019, Darren’s clear passion is to work more closely with farmers and other small rural business owners to help them better understand their businesses.

“Helping people better understand their business and assisting them to be successful and viable in the long term is crucial to both the families and the small rural communities around them” Darren says.

Darren lives on their third-generation family farm with his wife Claire and their four children. The family is involved with the NEFL, BSR Football Club and other local Spalding sporting clubs.

Darren is based at the Clare RBS office.