Wine Grape Council SA – GrowStrong Business Fundamentals

Calling growers from Riverland and the Limestone Coast!
(Includes Farm Owners, Farm Managers, Farm Family members and Vineyard Staff)

GrowStrong Business Fundamentals is WGCSA’s innovative training course tailored to empower your business with strategic management and planning resources to help prepare you for the future.

The immersive training experiences are packed with practical tools and invaluable knowledge that will equip your viticulture business to meet the demands of grape growing for the immediate and long term future.

Program content includes:

  • Masterclasses with Experts:  8 masterclasses, carefully curated over four non consecutive days by the University of Adelaide, Adelaide Business School.
  • Dedicated Mentors: Family and Business (FaB) mentors will be available throughout the program.
  • Business Health Check: with Rural Business Support at your premises, offering their unique “Kitchen Table Discussions” method for planning, coaching and growth.

At only $300 (ex GST), you’ll gain access to training worth thousands of dollars. With 95% of the program funded by state and federal grants, you get a huge return on your investment.

RBS Business Health Check

Benefit from three interactive Business Health Check sessions (2.5 to 3 hours each) by Rural Business Support at your premises, offering our unique “Kitchen Table Discussions” method for planning, coaching and growth.

Session 1 – Initial Meeting includes Business Health Check / Challenges and Opportunities  (approximately 3 hours) 
The Business Health Check is completed in-person with the client/s, focusing on the following areas of business and personal circumstances:

  • Operations
  • Financial Position
  • Personal Development and Wellbeing
  • Markets
  • Challenges and Opportunities (across all areas of business and personal circumstances.)

Session 2 – Business and Personal Goals. Succession and Transition (approximately 2.5 hours)

Session 3 – Business Planning. Plan-on-a-page (approximately 2.5 hours)
The Plan-on-a-Page is designed to provide focus for clients. It gives them some short-term achievable goals (their own), that they can immediately begin to implement, both for the business and themselves (sometimes they are separate). The sense of achievement also provides confidence for the business owner to set the next set of goals, and so on. The process demonstrates how easy it is to complete business planning, follow-up with implementation strategies and then achieve the outcome – behavioral change that will support the business owner.

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GrowStrong Business Fundaments

Riverland – Begins 14th May 2024
Limestone Coast – Begins 21st May 2024

To learn more about the eligibility criteria or to register for these events please visit the GrowStrong website