SACWA and Australian Red Cross working with RBS to help SA rural communities

The South Australian CWA (SACWA) is distributing funds for rural families in South Australia who are severely affected by the current seasonal conditions and find themselves unable to meet their day-to-day living expenses. SACWA has partnered with Rural Business Support (RBS) via our Rural Financial Counsellors, to endorse and complete applications on behalf of families seeking assistance.

The SACWA Emergency Aid Fund has been receiving generous donations from Dick Smith Foods, Coles Supermarkets South Australia, Australian Hotels Association (SA) through their ‘Parma For A Farmer’ initiative, TAFE SA through their ‘Flanny For A Farmer Day’, District Councils, Lions and Rotary Clubs, religious organisations, various public interest entities and the general public.

SACWA members, branches, groups and holiday cottage committees have also been most generous.

Red Cross partnership

Australian Red Cross is contributing funds from its ‘Help Aussie Farmers’ Appeal to SACWA to support rural families. With many farmers in South Australia experiencing similar conditions to those in NSW and Qld, this generous partnership is timely and welcomed by SACWA and RBS.

How to access funds

It is a simple and easy process. Applications for up to $3000 for such expenses as utilities, food, medical expenses and clothes are being considered.

Additionally, for those families who have applied for Farm Household Allowance (FHA), our Rural Financial Counsellors can arrange for SACWA to schedule payments of $750 per week over a four week period to support the household while waiting to receive this allowance.

Documents required in order to complete an application with a Rural Financial Counsellor:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Information on current financial situation
    Accounts required for payment (if applicable)
  • Notification that Farm Household Allowance has been applied for (if applicable)

Application documents provided by RBS to SACWA for each application:

  • Letter of Support setting out circumstances and funding requirements from the Financial Counsellor who is completing the application form
  • Copy of Proof of Identity that has been provided
  • Authority to Disclose (giving permission for SACWA to be given applicant’s personal information)
  • Copies of accounts that have been provided requiring for payment (if applicable)

To be connected to a Rural Financial Counsellor please call 1800 836 211 or email