Support for farm families coming off FHA

Families coming to the end of their four-year Farm Household Allowance (FHA) period can receive dedicated support from Rural Financial Counsellor Julianne Fiebig, our FHA Coordinator.

Julianne can:

  • Provide phone and email support to assist you in your final dealings with Centrelink should you need to supply copies of tax returns or assess any debts.
  • Help you to apply for other support such as low income Health Care Cards.
  • Assist you with accessing other grants that your business may be eligible for, including the Farm Business Improvement Concessional loan.
  • Identify if your business is eligible for further support and, if it is, refer you to your local Rural Financial Counsellor who can work with you to develop an action plan for your business.

Julianne works Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and can be contacted on 0477 747 765 or at: Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and Julianne will be in touch soon.