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Two years of ups and downs due to COVID

Our client has been involved in the passenger transportation business for four years. They are registered as a private company and currently employ four staff.

Sadly, our client has had a roller-coaster ride for two years due to several factors, but mostly through the uncertainty and restrictions caused by COVID. Tourism is their main business, and with tourist numbers decreasing and flights to their region cut significantly, their turnover reduced by more than 30%.

Initially, they were able to manage as a business as they received JobKeeper for the first nine months of the pandemic.

They came to RBS because they were seeking a grant to upgrade their vehicles. At the time, the client was in a distressed and emotional state. The stresses on their business meant they had a complete lack of work-life balance which was impacting their interpersonal relationships and home life.

Over several meetings, our BFC was able to compassionately build rapport and a good working relationship. They worked together to understand the client’s Statement of Position so that they could develop a plan for the business moving forward.

Part of the business plan was to employ a new wage-assisted staff member to detail their fleet of cars and represent their agency at the airport. This immediately freed up time for the client to invest in working on their business, not just in their business.

Our client also upgraded one of their vehicles so they could pivot their business into a private chauffeur and transportation business. They provided a flexible and on-demand premier standard reliable service specialising in taking clients to local tourist attractions.

In addition, they employed a weekend driver, which enabled them to cope better in busy times, and also allowed them to schedule some time off.

By establishing a good working relationship with the client’s accountant, we were able to track the improvement in their business, which resulted in the client registering for GST.

We also assisted the client in accessing support for an online booking system, a website, and improve the branding for all vehicles.
With a newly developed business strategy, our client was more confident to seek new partnership opportunities with accommodation providers and tourist destinations.

Our BFC continues to work with the client as they further develop their capabilities as small business owners and plan for their future.