Nicole Keiller

Business Financial Counsellor Support Officer

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T: 1800 836 211

Nicola grew up on a generational family farm in Scotland before her family immigrated to Australia in her teens. The family farm remains a big part of her extended family members’ lives and farming holds a special place in Nicola’s heart. Her connection to farming allows Nicola to work compassionately with RBS clients and works with a great sense of credibility. Nicolas takes every opportunity to upskill her knowledge and training to give rural communities the best results.

Before starting her full-time role as a Support Officer at RBS in June 2020, Nicola volunteered at a St Vincent second-hand store and would often hear the stories of hardship from customers from where she would share her knowledge and direct them to the organisations that could provide support.

From work in Alice Springs NT, to Warrnambool VIC, to Murray Bridge SA, Nicola has experienced over 25 years working in various fields in Government Departments, Banking sectors, Office Management, Removal Services and the Freight and Transport Industries.