Lloyd Wright

Business Financial Counsellor

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T 1800 836 211

Self-described as a ‘white-collar worker with blue-collar insights’, Lloyd is deeply rooted in the Riverland horticultural region, with family ties dating back to his grandparents’ settlement in Lyrup in 1894. Prior to joining RBS, Lloyd managed his own farm cultivating mixed fruits, engaged in contract seasonal harvesting, and served in roles with the Department of Social Security, focusing on the Rural Adjustment Scheme and Centrelink as a Rural Services Officer.

Drawing upon this diverse background, Lloyd approaches his position as Business Financial Counsellor with a proactive problem-solving attitude and a compassionate manner, earning him a reputation as a trusted ally among his clients. During his time with RBS, Lloyd played a key role in implementing successful business programs for Punjabi clients, addressing finance, mental health, training options, and viticultural practices. Additionally, he was among the first counsellors to regularly travel to the Northern Territory.

Beyond his professional commitments, Lloyd is deeply committed to his Riverland community, actively participating in committee roles within the Lone Gum and Monash Community Association and supporting the Berri Rowing Club. On weekends, he enjoys quality time with his family on his creek-front property, indulging in his hobbies of restoring vintage motorbikes and cars, and attending music concerts.