Dr Rebecca Mohr-Bell

Board Member

A Katherine-based agricultural economist, Dr Mohr-Bell brings invaluable insight into the NT agricultural sector to the RBS Board.

Dr Mohr-Bell leads a consulting business servicing clients in agriculture across Australia. She has more than 10 years’ experience in analysis of production and sustainability options, policy analysis and strategic planning for industry and regional development. She has Board experience with the Future Farmers Network of Australia and the Katherine Isolated Children’s Service.

As a result of Dr Mohr-Bell’s governance experience, she was asked to act as the Independent Chair of the Tindal Mataranka Daly Waters Water Advisory Committee to lead the committee through development of a water allocation plan.

Dr Mohr-Bell joined RBS Board Members Ms Caroline Rhodes, Mr Simon Venus, Ms Claudia Goldsmith, Mr Richard Konzag and Dr Kat Giles at the October 2020 AGM.