Farm Household Allowance enters its third year

Are you on your third year of Farm Household Allowance?


The Farm Household Allowance (FHA) is a payment available through the Department of Human Services (DHS) for farmers who need some extra income support to get back on their feet. The payment is similar in some ways to other DHS payments like Newstart, but with a number of concessions that are only available to primary producers – however it is only available for a period of three years.


Recently DHS have written to recipients of FHA who are in their third year of receiving the payment. There are a number of things FHA recipients can still do while receiving the payment to make sure that you are ready for three year time limit to end:


  • A rural financial counsellor can work with you to consider your options and plan for any future impact on your cash flow.
  • The FHA also includes vouchers to pay for professional advice or training that could be used for business plans, technical agronomic or nutrition advice, succession and retirement planning or training to assist with securing off-farm income. These vouchers are only available to use within the three year time period while you are receiving FHA payments.

There may also be other support services or income options available to you. Your rural financial counsellor can help you to access these services – even after the three year period of FHA has ended.

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